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We have been close friends for over 20 years and have both been bereaved by suicide having lost close family members. Jon also struggled with his mental health in his early 20s and ended up sectioned in hospital after having a breakdown.

When John lost his sister in 2016 to suicide, they decided they had to do something and ran the London Marathon as part of the HeadsTogether mental health campaign created by Duke, Duchess Cambridge, and Prince Harry. 

John and Jon went on to raise thousands of pounds and spoke publicly to the media to raise awareness.

With John now living in America, and five years since the London marathon they wanted to do something to mark this milestone and raise money for the Samaritans.

It's our goal to raise as much as we can to help the Samaritans prevent suicide and helping people in crisis. 

It’s fast and easy to donate and many will benefit from your generosity. Thank you for your support! 

John & Jon x